Letters From: Thought-provoking analysis of key investment trends

Our “Letters from” series of quarterly newsletters provide investors with a genuinely unique perspective on investment topics from various regions around the world. Our investment managers have a wealth of valuable insight from within the diverse markets they invest in. Through their “Letters”, investors can share their thought provoking and stimulating views on economic, market and corporate developments inside markets such as Japan, China, India and a selection of emerging markets.

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Letter From China

China is undergoing a lot of change and there is likely to be more in store over the coming months. President Xi Jinping was recently anointed as a new “core leader”, heralding hope that he can use his increased authority to accelerate painful reforms aimed at jump-starting the economy. The country is also bracing for a change in its political relationship with the US following the election of Donald Trump.

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Letter From India

The Indian economy continues to grow, thanks to its strong demographics, early stage development and improving business climate. Foreign investment is also at an all-time high. Of course, the economy faces challenges, not least given the uncertain global backdrop. However, we believe the ‘India growth story’ remains intact and presents many excellent opportunities for diligent investors.

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Letter From Malaysia

Like many emerging markets, Malaysia endured a torrid 2015. It was hit particularly hard as the Asia-Pacific country most exposed to oil, while political scandal amplified the ill effects. Given Malaysia’s economic and political problems, a low single-digital fall in the stock market was therefore something of a good result, although it did fall around 20% in US dollar terms. Nevertheless, by focusing on company-level change, fund manager Mark Vincent seeks to navigate the volatility and continues to find many exciting investment ideas.

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Letter from India

Despite the testing global backdrop, the Indian economy remains on a gradual road to recovery. Importantly, foreign investors are increasingly viewing India as their number-one investment destination. Here, we take an on-the-ground look at the various challenges and opportunities within this exciting and vibrant economy.

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