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Global Spotlight is a short topical article on different themes in the financial markets written each week by senior fund managers, analysts and members of the strategy team at Standard Life Investments.

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  • Infrastructure investment - Building a head of steam

    13 November 2015

    Dominic Helmsley
    Head of Infrastructure Equity

    The European infrastructure market continues to attract strong interest from investors globally, leading to a significant rise in valuations and a related investment return compression.

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  • Green bonds: All that glitters is not green

    Andrew Mason
    Responsible Investment Analyst

    02 November 2015

    As the latest controversy surrounding refereeing decisions during the Rugby World Cup has shown, regulating human endeavour, whether it be sporting or financial, is fraught with challenges.

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  • Atlantic crossing

    Mikhail Zverev
    Head of Global Equities

    16 October 2015

    For thousands of years, the Gulf Stream has transported warm water from the US to European shores.

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  • Rates and Commercial Real Estate

    Anne Breen
    Head of Real Estate Research & Strategy

    11 September 2015

    When US interest rates look set to rise, it seems intuitive that decisions by the Federal Reserve will impact both on the direct US commercial real estate market and listed real estate (REITs).

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  • Living up to expectations: QE and European corporate bonds

    Felix Freund
    Investment Director Fixed Interest

    07 August 2015

    In January this year the ECB surprised markets with a larger than expected quantitative easing (QE) scheme known as the Public Sector Purchase Programme (PSPP).

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  • European politics: Turning to the Extremes

    Stephanie Kelly
    Global Strategy Analyst

    24 July 2015

    This year, we have seen general elections in Greece, Finland, the UK and Denmark, as well as regional and local elections in France, Spain and Italy, with more legislative elections to come in the next six months.

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  • Rana Plaza tragedy and the supply chain reaction

    Rebecca Maclean
    Responsible Investment Analyst

    17 July 2015

    The devastating factory collapse at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, which killed over 1,100 workers, shocked the apparel industry and focused consumer attention on the poor working conditions and wages of the Bangladeshi textile workers.

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  • Ocean hot spot brings economic risks

    Jeremy Lawson
    Chief Economist

    10 July 2015

    Few phenomena demonstrate humans’ vulnerability to weather extremes like El Nino. In simple terms El Nino refers to the warm phase of a cycle of changing sea-surface temperatures off the Pacific coast of South America. However, its impacts stretch far beyond a small corner of the Pacific Ocean.

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  • End of an era or a new dawn for equity investors?

    Mikhail Zverev
    Head of Global Equities

    03 July 2015

    As the Wimbledon Championship welcomes back the world’s top tennis players to the UK, it is easy to see why the tournament is considered the jewel in the British sporting crown.

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  • Investing in Europe?

    Andrew Milligan OBE
    Kate Benetti

    26 June 2015

    Given these ambitious plans, it is unlikely that the Commission will be able to push through such changes from a top-down perspective alone. For that reason, a major engagement programme with the region's financial industry is under way.

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